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We are proud to present these women as the new batch of 'Role Models' for our New Collection:


Hi, my name's Helena. I am THE ‘Miss H’ of our fashion label’s name!I lived in Auckland for the first eighteen years of my life, moved with my Mum to Melbourne, Australia for my tertiary education, and then returned early this year to New Zealand (this time in Wellington!) where my Mum and I decided to settle down next and launch our fashion label. I decided to take a gap year this year to help my Mum start up and launch Miss H and Me, acting as her assistant, social media person and model rolled into one!

At Carmel College, where I finished high school, I was the Co-Leader of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, an organisation composed of Catholic volunteers who pursue their own Christian growth in the service of the poor. I am also proud of my achievement of being one of the highest student fundraisers at Carmel College for World Vision New Zealand. Together with my parents, I organised a Variety Concert fundraiser where my ballet friends and I showcased our dancing skills (I attended ballet lessons continuously for thirteen years!), tried to show off our singing prowess and even invited a professional magician to wow the audience! We also held a raffle of goods donated by kind members of our local community.

I completed a double Science degree of Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Science (with a double Major in Genetics and Physiology) at Monash University, Melbourne. While studying at Monash University, I was selected as a participant of the Vice Chancellor’s Ancora Imparo Leadership Program, which trains and encourages young adults to develop and hone their leadership skills for the betterment of society. I was also a recipient of the Community Leadership Scholarship for three years in a row.

I was also an Access Monash Ambassador, a volunteer role encouraging high school students in under-represented schools to do further studies after high school. Having done a good job, I was offered the position of Access Monash Senior Ambassador, this time a casual paid job doing a similar role.

Aside from this position, I also had other casual paid jobs: as a Student Success Ambassador, a role supporting first year students in their transition from high school to university, and as a Student Experience Advisor, a position responsible for collecting feedback from students about the university’s services so that they can be actioned upon and improved.

I was also involved in AMES (Adult Multicultural Educational Services), an Australian program to teach English to new migrants. I was assigned to help a lovely Chinese wife and mother with her English, and her family and mine have since become good friends.

In honour of our much-loved family members who had succumbed to cancer, I participated in the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life (Victoria) for two successive years – as the team captain in 2014 and as an eager participant and fundraiser in 2015.

Also in 2014, I was inducted into the Archconfraternity Guild of St. Stephen (Australia), a Catholic organisation set up in 1904 for altar servers of the Holy Mass. I started altar serving at the age of ten at our local Devonport, Auckland parish church, serving there for eight years, then moving on to Monash University’s Catholic congregation, serving during the Holy Mass at the Religious Centre for the past four years.

For my future plans, I aim to do further studies so that I can work in the medical field. Further local and overseas travels with my Mum for both business and relaxation are also on the cards.

In my spare time I play badminton, dance salsa and volunteer at the Wellington Children’s Hospital.

“I’m incredibly proud of my Mum for all the hard work she has put into starting up this fashion brand. I look forward to seeing our business grow with all of you, fashionistas with a social conscience!”


Namaste! My name is Namrata.

I work full time as an ICT Engineer and run a fitness business to make every mother get their dream body. That’s why I have opened a ‘Gym Studio’ for women only, and for those who cannot physically attend, I provide online training to them. I also provide fitness training to senior citizens in a Retirement Village, for I believe that fitness does not have any age restriction.

My tough journey began after my second Caesarian-section. In post pregnancy I weighed 75kgs. and afterwards put on an additional 25kg. I went into depression, but slowly I thought about taking charge of my life. I started to go out walking with my kids and from there I started enjoying the changes with my body as a mother. I even signed up with some personal trainers, but I could not afford to have them for extended periods of time.  I decided to get a qualification in health and fitness instead, so I can also help other mothers who cannot afford a personal trainer. While looking after my two kids and also doing full-time jobs, I was able to finish my qualification in health and fitness.

I wanted to prove to myself that we mothers could juggle life and also stay on top of our health and fitness. I wanted to remind other mothers that our health and fitness should matter a lot to us, too, and that they must be a priority. To be able to look after other people, we had to look after ourselves first.

 “I had an unforgettable time with the Miss H and Me team, which I will cherish my entire life!”


Talofa lava! My name is Renee.

I am studying a Bachelor of Science Degree at the Auckland University of Technology. Doing my tertiary studies at AUT is a whole new experience for me. It has been fun and challenging. I am a Student Ambassador and also a Volunteer for the AUT Student Association.

In the future, I plan to do additional studies in other areas apart from Science, so that I can have a variety of skills and to also try new things.

I have a passion for soccer, dancing and immersing myself into diverse cultures and languages (I’m studying Spanish at present). My aim is to be successful in whatever I do, to stay true to my Samoan culture and to be an inspiration to other young women.

 “Thank you, Cecille and Helena, for the opportunity to work with you. I had fun and it’s an honour to be a part of the Miss H and Me family. Muchas gracias! (or Fa’afetai in Samoan).”




Hello, my name is Susan.

From being a Prefect during my time at Whangarei Girls' High School, to completing a 30-day 'Classic' course at Outward Bound, I am always looking for opportunities to develop my character. Because my character is one of the few things I will carry through my entire lifetime, I think it is well worth investing in. I believe this will better enable me to help others, too.

I am currently in my final year of studying a Bachelor of Theology Degree at Laidlaw College. While I am not completely certain what path I will take next in life, I believe I already know what is important to me and what will bring value to my life. I am extremely appreciative of the dynamic relationships in my life as these provide me with a lot of fulfilment and perspective. Not to mention, adventure and opportunities dwell at every corner. I am very much excited to explore them in the future. 

“It was such a great and memorable experience modelling for Miss H and Me. Cecille and Helena are both incredibly passionate and gracious people. I sincerely wish them all the best for their Miss H and Me business and their future endeavours!”



Hi, my name is Georgia.

Helena (‘Miss H’) and I went to Carmel College together, before I completed a Mechanical Engineering Degree with Honours from the University of Auckland.

I’m currently working at Air New Zealand, first as a Graduate Engineer and now as a Reliability Engineer. The company has been full of development opportunities for me - whether it be my involvement in the ‘Rosie Project,’ which enables young girls to see possible futures in Engineering or other STEM paths, or in the ‘social’ (cough, cough – competitive) indoor netball team we started up at work.

I have enjoyed the learning and challenges that my working life has presented me with, and I look forward to figuring out where the future takes me! (Hopefully, it will take me travelling far and wide!)

“I really enjoyed my experience with Miss H and Me. I had never really been all that into fashion..... and absolutely hate being photographed! This gave me the chance to play around in different clothing to my norm, and as cliché as it sounds, be a little more accepting of myself. I have so much more respect for professional models now and I also had great fun with the rest of the girls!”