Our Story


We are Cecille and Helena (‘THE Miss H!’), a mother and daughter collaborative team behind the Miss H and Me narrative. Bonded by our mutual interests of science, travel, art and fashion, and fuelled by the pricking of our social conscience, we decided to establish the Miss H and Me fashion brand almost five years ago now. Back in 2014 when we first had the seed of the Miss H and Me business idea, all we could think of was how we can get this seed to germinate. Although we had established other businesses before, this one is different – this one is going to be special…

Unimaginable tragedy struck our joyful lives some years ago. The Big ‘C’ claimed the lives of some very special people who were near and dear to both of us. Heartbreaking grief consumed us and we were left physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained. We had to leave New Zealand to hibernate in Australia: to rest, to repair, to recharge and to reconstruct. After spending four years soul-searching and ruminating in Australia, it was time to come home! We were ready to move forward with our lives. We were ready to be brave and to face our fears. We were ready to start again.

Miss H and Me was born from the depths of our need to find ourselves again after our personal losses, plus our deep-seated ideal of helping everyone who are less fortunate and may have the need of a ‘hand up’ rather than a hand out. Our family had always believed that in life, if you have been given more (whatever it may be: talent, resources, time, etc.), then you must give back more. Our business philosophy of featuring smart, strong, independent, real women who, through hard work, determination and passion for whatever worthy cause they believe in and for whatever stage in life they’re at, would also represent us as women: positive, brave, inclusive, passionate and calculated risk-takers. At Miss H and Me, we will always aim to feature women who are ‘role models’ to represent our brand.

With our family’s love of travel, we ventured out to overseas fabric markets to handpick the fabrics and materials we love for our garments. It was always a high for us when we finally see a fabric that would be perfect for the design we have in mind! We traveled to our various manufacturers and suppliers, and we took the time to personally get to know their business and their staff. We worked with their designers to design the Miss H and Me brand’s classic and elegant styles. We made extra efforts to meet the people directly responsible for making our garments: the fabric buyers, the designers, the pattern makers, the garment sewers, the quality controllers and even the clothes pressers! At Miss H and Me, we will always endeavour to make sure that our garments have been ethically manufactured.

At Miss H and Me, we aim to give women a choice of quality, classic and elegant clothing that they’ll always be proud to wear.

We hope you love and enjoy the Miss H and Me collection as much as we do. Have fun shopping with us!